trans alp

trans alp is an electronic, electroacoustic, acousmatic music project.

alp refers to a daemon in prechristian mythology (also called nachtmahr), who causes you to have nightmares. In contrast, the latin noun trans is meaning beyond or on the other side.

if you like what i am doing and want to support me, invite me for a live performance, buy something from my bandcamp or just tell your friends!
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new filmscore ↗
i did another original filmscore for a short by sebastian heiner and peter wollring from berlin. this time it is some kind of a surrealistic dada dub piece. watch it on vimeo. — June 20th, 2016
»Gnossienne N°1« et la galerie smART de Paris ↗
»Gnossienne N°1« from my release »Après Quatre Pièces d'Erik Satie« from 2013, has been reused as score for a video by galerie smART from paris. watch it on vimeo. — July 7th, 2015
»Apres Quatre Pieces d'Erik Satie« - got featured on FMA ↗
the trans alp release »Après Quatre Pièces d'Erik Satie« from 2013, has been recently featured in a post by curator katya oddio about contemporary reinterpretations of classical works on (FMA). — June 17th, 2015